Home Inspection FAQ

The Home Has Been Winterized. Is This Ok?

Winterization is a mixed bag.  It is important to have the Utilities fully on prior to your home inspection.  Any consequences of winterizing the home will be found and reported from your home inspection.

Does My Home Have Radon Gas?

Without testing this is impossible to tell.  Clark County, WA is a red zone for Radon.   We can test for Radon if you desire.

Do You Inspect MOLD?

We look for visible mold to allow you to have additional evaluations performed or repairs prior to closing on the property.

Do I Get A Report?

Yes.  The report is fully computerized with photos and packed full of data regarding your homes physical characteristics.

Can I Be There With You?

You are encouraged to be at the inspection to learn.  I ask my clients to bring a notepad and follow me around to learn about the homes issues, systems, maintenance and the like.  You get a lot more than a report for your money when you choose us.

What Is Your Availability Like?

This varies from day to day, but usually can get your inspection done in 24-48 hours.  Sometimes even the same day!

How Much Does An Inspection Cost?

A home inspection is priced competitively based on its size.   We quote you a fair price before you schedule and never upcharge for things like age or additional system components or kitchens.  Our only upcharge is for additional buildings, well tests and radon tests.

What Is Included In A Home Inspection?

A home inspection is performed according to the Washington State Standards of practice.  This standard is the bare minimum for a home inspection.  We exceed this standard in a number of ways and also inspect items outside of the scope of a home inspection.   Rest assured, your home is always inspected from the roof to the foundation and everything in between to the best of our ability.